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Construction Tools

Construction Program

Our Construction Program prepares the youth of the community to take advantage of economic opportunities, by Educating, Developing, and Empowering them in the business of Carpentry and Painting.

Goals and Objectives:

Carpentry and Painting

           The Construction Program seeks to provide economically disadvantaged youth a means to work and service the community by helping meet the housing need of individuals such as low-income families, also to foster the development of youth leadership skills and commitment to community development. The program also seek to expand the number of affordable housing for individuals of low-income families by educating and empowering talented disadvantaged youth.


            Ultimately, Let It S.L.I.D.E.’s Construction Program enables economically disadvantaged youth, and help them to obtain the education and employment skills necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Exit Strategy/Project:

            Through our Construction Program, our participants continue to progress in their industry through internships or through linking the participant with an experienced mentor. Let It S.L.I.D.E. supports our participants with guidance for their futures. The preeminent goal is to be in the best position to be successful as a freelance professional or an entrepreneur.

            With the purpose of increasing the potential to secure employment and foster entrepreneurship, our participants are required to participate in an "Exit Project". With respect to the participant's industry (Carpentry or Painting), they are to collaborate in a combined exit project to rebuild a home in the low-income community chosen by the organization.


            This is a final demonstration to show off what each participant has learned and has been working towards. Participants will leave with a stronger understanding of their industry, what team players they should have around them and the roles they should play, the importance of giving back to the community, and ultimately how to formulate and operate a business.

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