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Entrepreneur Mentoring

The Entrepreneur Mentorship Program puts our participants on a fast pace to grow in Business, Knowledge and Leadership through our Entrepreneur curriculum and a host of Business mentors.

Goals and Objectives


           The Entrepreneur Mentoring Program enrich our participants with professional development and tips to improve their lifestyle. The program increases the self-reliance and self-confidence of our participants through encouragement and support. Our participants gain a fresh perspective from local and seasoned veterans while developing a network of resources to grow their dreams. 


           Our biweekly empowerment sessions and workshops take place at our Let It S.L.I.D.E. headquarters. There, we facilitate structured activities, open conversation, encouragement, and networking to enable all of our participants to build relationships. They also gain experience, insight, and ultimately are exposed to different strategies for how to approach problems both personally and entrepreneurially. 

Program Mentors:

           The Program Mentors are required to subscribe to a Statement of Principles that govern their behavior, outline their responsibilities, guard against conflicts of interest, and control financial involvement with the participants or their personal/entrepreneur ventures. Mentors are matched with entrepreneurs based on the needs of the participant and the interests of available mentors. The Program Participants meet with their designated mentor weekly for 60 minutes during the duration of the program, which may, in turn, result in a long-lasting relationship. 



Exit Strategy:

           With the purpose of increasing the potential to secure employment and foster entrepreneurship, our participants are required to produce an "Exit Portfolio". Participants must have a strong understanding of their proposed company, what Team Players they should have around them and the roles they should play, A Business Model, and an idea of different revenue streams from their respective industry, etc.

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