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Recording Artist

Recording Arts

The Recording Arts/Music Entrepreneur program is designed to foster creativity in our participants by encouraging them to realize their abilities and to allow us to help them cultivate their art into a viable career.

Goals and Objectives

Rappers, Singers, and Poets

           Participants in the Recording Arts Program work on projects and work towards careers as Recording Artists/Entrepreneurs. Participants attend mentor meetings, and special guest workshops. Program semesters include meetings with their mentor for artistic and career coaching.


           The program mentor meetings are designed to teach each participant information on who they really are and gain knowledge of the music industry so that they can better understand what goes on behind the scenes, and to get feedback from mentors/coaches on their overall path/career. The workshops provide participants with real-life industry experience and personal insight.

Exit Strategy:

           Through our arts program, our participants continue to progress in their industry through internships or through linking the participant with an experienced mentor.  We support our certified participants with guidance for their product or service launch into their respective industries. The preeminent goal is to be in the best position to be successful as a freelance professional or an entrepreneur.


           With the purpose of increasing the potential to secure employment and foster entrepreneurship, our participants are required to produce an "Exit Project". Participants leave with a stronger understanding of their personal brand, what team players they should have around them and the roles they should play, the importance of live shows and how to plan, put on and execute a strong live performance, different revenue streams from industry, contract types, publishing, copyright law, and how to formulate and operate a business.

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